Why it's important to know how to cook?

Updated: Feb 18

Cooking is freedom. Cooking should be essential to your life. Learning how to cook is learning how to fully take care of yourself. Cooking can be fun.

When you learn how to cook, you learn how to fully take care of yourself. What do I mean? I can go into the kitchen and recreate any meal I see. Anyone of us can learn to recreate any meal we want. will it be hard? Of course it will but if it's worth it, then it won't matter. When you know how to cook and you go on a diet you do not have to rely on their meal plans to feed yourself. For example if you wanted to become vegetarian it would be beneficial for you to know how make your favorite meal without meat. Best example I can give is a hamburger. Now if you have decided you are fine never having a hamburger again ok. but if you do want a burger you need to learn how to make them yourself.

Cooking is freedom. Once you can cook for yourself you have no limits but what you can do. I love spaghetti but I know the one I buy in the store is not all that health for you. So, i learned how to make it myself. What is your favorite food? Mine is pizza, I have worked on my recipe for dough so much I can make it in my sleep. Then when I got really familiar with making this dough, i started looking up recipes for bread and realized in the process I had learned how to make most bread, Same technique different (mostly add this, subtract that) so I was very happy to find this out. The best part about cooking is you can make whatever you are willing to put the work into.

Cooking can be fun. Once again cooking opens up so much for you. One of my best cooking memories was making breakfast with one of my best friends, during my year in university. We made breakfast for 1/3 of the dorm. It was a all girls dorm of 60. We cooked for at least (maybe more) 20. I remember making pancakes and eggs. Stirring grits until i thought my arm would fall off. Seeing the stream of girls grabbing a plate. Some coming back for seconds(so glad we put our plates up), some peoples boyfriends coming to try the food. It was this day I realized I loved feeding crowds. Food has not always been fun but I figured out how to make it fun. I also have made it my goal to teach others how fun food can be.

Cooking is a means to an end. It is how you can feed yourself. Nobody always wants to have to go to a fast food restaurant everyday. Or to eat a tv dinner. Sandwiches and salads are good if your on a diet but who wants to eat the same food everyday, Cooking your own food is being able to be adventurous in your diet. Sometimes essential things can be fun too.

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