What does CC stand for?

Updated: Mar 19

I know you see Mama Eryn CC everywhere, on the website, app and social media. You know what Mama Eryn stands for. Me. But what does the CC stand for? CC stands for everything that I am. It stands for Clever Culinarians. It stands for Comfort Catering. It means Confection Creator. Comfort cooking and creative concoctions.

Comfort Catering is my catering company. I have sold cakes and thrown parties. My favorite party to date would have to be my sisters baby shower because I had the help of my auntie from Louisiana. With Comfort catering you get your dream in a meal. Confection Creator comes from the fact I like to create candy. The first candy I ever created was caramel. This was one of the hardest candies I have had to make. With caramel you have one split second between beautiful candy and a horrible burned mess. The only problem is color. You can have a dark caramel and it still be good. You can also have a brown beautiful looking caramel that tastes burnt.

Creative concoctions is for the fact I love to make new dishes. What I mean is fusion meals like I love to make taco eggrolls. This is where you take ingredients you would put in a taco shell. Fill them, roll them and fry them like regular eggrolls. There are some rules to these that apply(learn all the rules by buying the recipe). Another one I like is the cinnamon roll apple pie Cheesecake. I know it's a lot to say but it is a delicious mouthful(another recipe that can be bought or taught). I like to take recipes I see and recreate them.

Also CC stands for Clever Culinarians. This is you guys. My members, my subscribers. My clients, my raw materials. You guys are my open vessels. You guys either want to learn how to cook. You want to learn how to cook foods from another cuisine. You are tired of making the same dinners over and over again. You want to throw a party. Maybe it's your turn to take over family holiday meals. Some of have a family recipe that you got from a family member that passed. You have tried you follow the recipe to a tee and still it's not like mamas or grand-mama's. Maybe all you did was miss step like for example cookies. Most cookies should call to cream butter and sugar. Now there is two ways to mess that up. You can overmix it and make your cookies hard. If you undermix it makes the dough too soft and your cookie fall apart.

To me CC stands for everything my business is. It stands for everything I have to offer. Anybody who is willing to put in the work can become a clever culinarian. Now while you can't be comfort catering, you can become affiliated with comfort catering. My motto is Cooking is an essential skill. I want to help everyone achieve. From beginner to advanced Mama Eryn CC can help you become a clever culinarian. Even if you have never cooked before.

We start simple, with breakfast items like eggs and potatoes. And we can make our way to homemade bread and cakes. Or dinner wise we can start with easy things like spaghetti and work our way to things like Steaks and fried chicken. Or if there is a recipe you have that you want to learn, I am here to help you learn. One feature of Mama Eryn CC that you won't find out there is the ask Mama Eryn feature. This is a direct line to be able to question a chef. Ask a question before work and have your answer by the time you start dinner. Have a question about the steps of a recipe, ask before work and come home to a step by step instructions to the recipe and an ingredient list.

CC that just says it all. It means I am here to help you learn. Even if you just want to learn new recipes. Even a seasoned chef can get tired of the dinners. The same breakfast. And who always wants to eat fast food for dinner? Wouldn't it be nice to meal prep but also freeze some, basically making your own frozen dinners. The very best thing about cooking your own food is controlling the salt, preservatives and ingredients.

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