What breakfast looks like around the world

Updated: Jan 21

Breakfast looks different to many people. A breakfast in California looks different than a breakfast in Louisiana. Now if breakfast looks different state to state imagine what it looks like from different countries.

Breakfast literally stands for breaking the fast. Meaning eating after not eating for a long period of time. Since people have different sleep schedules, of course they have different eating schedules. An American breakfast looks a lot different than a breakfast from Mexico or Sweden. Let's discuss the differences between breakfasts.

“Breakfast is not at any special time. Breakfast is breaking the fast. Some people(most) eat it in the morning, some at night.”

Being that I am from the United States, I know more about American breakfasts. Even though I know more about American breakfast, I will start with breakfast south of the border. In Mexico they have a lot of breakfast foods like chilaquiles, which are tortillas fry and mixed with eggs. They have huevos ranchero, this is a spicy tomato sauce with fried eggs. They drink hot chocolate that has spices like cinnamon and sometimes chili. In Africa, they have things like mandazi, a sweet bread made with coconut milk. In places like the UK they have a full breakfast that involves tomatoes, beans, eggs, sausage and blood in most places. Other countries offer other breakfasts. Some places offer sweet, some places offer savory but the United States offers both. They have both plates with grits. eggs and bacon. Then pancakes, waffles, and french toast. Breakfast is different everywhere, some places eat fish for breakfast. Anything could be considered breakfast because the definition is breaking your fast.

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