Summer Days recipes

Updated: Jan 21

What do you eat during the summer? Where is your favorite picnic spot? What do you do on those warm summer night?

Warm summer nights, trying to find a cool breeze. Cocktails (and mocktails), beaches and sand. What could be better than these things? The food of the summer, salads and light desserts. Everything about summer is trying to stay cool while everything about winter is trying to get warm. Summer is about going to beach and having a picnic in the sand. Laying on a blanket under the sand sipping champagne. Light foods like salads, what could be better than crisp lettuce, and crunchy vegetables with a light dressing. I also think about the desserts like a trifle with angel food cake, whipped cream and fresh berries. Ice cream is another item we think about when about summer. All the cold cool flavors. Mostly when we think about summer we think about heat and being hot. Food during the summer seems more towards grilling and eating sandwiches.

Summer nights will remind you fireworks and beach nights. Warm water swimming and cold cold drinks. Whether these drinks are cocktails or mocktails, they are cold and delicious. Summertime is when you want to go outside and spend time with family and friends. Summertime is when people actively try to lose weight. Summer bodies and all. Summer is the time when kids are out of school, going on all kinds of adventures. Water parks and summer camp. The time when kids get to choose what time they go to sleep. Riding bikes and spending all day in the park. Playing with your friends all day. Going on vacations with your parents.

Summertime is a time for food, fun and family. For kids this is the time that is there's. Food is meant to be fast and light. Days are long and nights are short. Time flies and you're having fun while it does.

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