Quarantine Shopping

After March 15, 2020 the world changed for everyone. We lost jobs, are kids were sent home for the summer (basically). With this came no income, no food in the grocery stores, no toilet paper and scariest of all an uncontainable virus that's killing the elderly, and so slowly the children. Or two most defenseless humans. And while all of this is happening, the face of socializing changed. Once we changed the way we interact with each other ie 6 feet away at all times. We changed grocery shopping. Where once we had to walk around stores and wait in lines. Now we are able to grocery shop online.

The convenience of just sitting in front of your computer or on your phone is nice but with all the good things there comes bad. Let's discuss the benefits and pitfalls of online grocery shopping. Of course the first great thing about online shopping is being able to be safe. The last chance you have of catching a deadly virus, the better. The second is the ease of picking items, your not in anyone's way if you read the back of a package. The first negative thing is the quickness in which items go out of stock. For example, I find the hardest things to order is milk, bread, and eggs. Now of course these would be the things are gone first but it's not that. The problem is you need these items, so you grab your mask and your credit card. Although you want to just go to one store, buy these items and go home. It doesn't work that way most days. Either one or two, or even all three are not at the first store. So you are having the same dilemma again.

The second great thing about grocery delivery is, they bring it to your front door. This is especially good if you have children. As we are trying not to let them catch this virus. On the other hand periodically they forget an item or something is destroyed. The problem with this is you not only did you probably need that item. You will probably have a hard time finding a replacement. Issue number one rearing her ugly little head again. This could be a wide range of items, for example, water. Say you buy three 35 packs. Now that's your water for the month (or two weeks in my house). So say one was left, you'll find yourself looking for water. And once again water is one of those commodities that don't last long in the stores.

The third and final thing I find with online shopping is replacements. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, and to most, it isn't. However, if you're making a specific recipe and they bring the wrong substitution. Such as white sugar replacing brown sugar. That might be fine in a cookie recipe. Nevertheless if you're making sweet potatoes, you probably want brown sugar not white. Another example is if your vegan/vegetarian, they might substitute eggs for egg replacement. The thing is in this time of our lives we have to do things in a manner we aren't used to. We are learning a new normal. We have to adapt to a new way of living. These things are different but we will adapt. Finally online shopping can be fun, it can be hard. But it can be very rewarding especially when you find everything your looking for.

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