Quarantine and Cooking

The beginning of 2020 will always go down as the time the world was shut down. There was not eating out, there was no vacations. There was no going outside. We found out a lot of things about ourselves. One thing I seen and heard a lot is people don't know how to cook. And if they do know how to cook, they can only make the same recipes over and over again. Then we look on pinterest and there is literally 1,000,000 recipes. How do you know how they look, if they work, if they taste good. Also, we remember all the food we had from school. My favorite was the pizza, yeah it tasted like cardboard but it was delicious to our younger mind. Let's rediscover what we enjoy about food, let's discover if we like cooking. Let's try new food and make it ourselves. Quarantine is a scary time but we can come out of this better than we went in. Some people can only make 10 things(I bet they be the best ever, now I can teach you how to double that. Wouldn't your family love to add 10 more recipes to your arsenal. Don't worry if you can't cook, Mama Eryn can help you learn. We will start with the basics and make our way to home cooking.

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