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Updated: Feb 18

What should you have in your pantry? How should you use it? How should your pantry be set up for best use? Nowadays some people don't know how to cook. Suffice to say if they don't know how to cook, they probably don't know how to shop. Let's discuss together how to shop. We shall start with the pantry.

Some people call it a pantry, some call it a cupboard. A cabinet, whatever you call it, there is a certain way to fill it. In your pantry you should always have sugar, flour, salt, and pepper. With these items you have the start or finish or many meals. Then when it comes to cans you should have at least 1 per person of each of your favorite vegetables. The reason for this is because cans, last a long time. Now if you like to bake(or want to learn). You should have vanilla extract, cinnamon, and other spices. Also baking powder and soda. You should also have dry powder drink mixes like kool-aid or tang. You should have teas and coffee. This is where I keep my cereal. I have oatmeal and cream of wheat. As we see, there could come a point in time where we have to live off of the things we already have. So now is the time to stock up.

A good list of stuff to have in the pantry goes as follows. At least 4 different kinds of canned vegetables. This is in case you cannot get to a store. These are already cooked to can, so all you have to do is heat and eat. Fast to cook breakfast items like oatmeal and cereal. Then when it comes to spices, the more you have the better your food will taste. The best spices to have are the sodium-free ones, think garlic powder instead of garlic salt. Instead of buying a steak seasoning, make your own. Another item you should keep in your pantry is sugar and flour. Whether your a baker or not, you should have these items in your pantry. Just by adding a few items you can make homemade bread. So in this time of not being able to find items. You can make your own. This is a new time for everyone, obviously for different reasons

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