More than just a tea break

Updated: Jan 25

Having an afternoon tea comes from many different countries and is called by many different names. Afternoon tea, tea party, afternoon snack. Having tea means many different things to many different people. Let's talk over a tea break.

The queen of England might have Afternoon tea. A family might have high tea instead of dinner, You might call it a tea break. Is it all is the same thing?

“It's Afternoon Tea, no it's a high tea. What is the difference?

Afternoon tea, why could it be called that? Some say because it was consumed after noon. Some say because you sat at a table. Afternoon tea is usually served around 4 pm and is not considered dinner because it doesn't offer a substantial meal. Commonly you are served tea, crumpets(would remind you of an English muffin, served warm with butter), cucumber sandwiches and other small sweet foods.

High Tea, Isn't that just afternoon tea, no. High tea is actually served at 6 pm and sometimes takes place instead of dinner. Whilst afternoon tea has small finger foods, high tea will have steak and kidney pies(chicken pot pies in USA), cheesey potato casseroles, fish dishes and vegetables. Now there will also be some items usually served at afternoon tea like cakes and crumpets. But these items are usually served as like an appetizer. Whether it's high tea or afternoon tea, if it's the queen of England or our next door neighbor, a tea break is a nice way to commune with people

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