Mama Eryn-alized

What does this mean? How is this different than google? Why not just use tasty?

Have you ever wanted to try a new recipe? You google it and find a recipe you think will be great. You make the recipe and it's just off. It's not the flavor you are going for. Or you just seem to do something wrong. Is it me. Or is it the recipe?

How about you see a video on tasty. You see all the ingredients and watch every step. You want to do good. So you watch the video over an over again. Then you try the recipe. And what happened. Either it didn't rise like theirs or it didn't taste the way it looks. So then you try it again and you fix what you thought went wrong. It still doesn't work. You don't want to try and fail again and while tasty might answer your question. They also may not answer your question.

Now there might be a saving grace to this. You might get a response from another person in the comments. While they might not know this particular recipe. They know one just like it. It is there families home made recipe. It has never failed. You try it and fail. Let's say it making bread. You don't just need a video to watch

This is where Mama Eryn comes in. My recipes come with a guaranteed. If you don't like or understand a recipe I will replace it. Yes there are steps to getting there but it won't be you don't understand the recipe. First step, you watch the video (if a video is not available, one will be made within 36 hours of the problem). If after watching the video, you still need help. Second step is Ask Mama Eryn. There are actually multiple ways to get ahold of me. I have most social medias with a inbox I check daily. You will have my email This email is directly connected to my computer. I will answer any questions you have even if you need step by step instructions. Lastly if you still don't understand the recipe I will replace it. The first two are free in any package. After you purchase a cookbook, you can buy emailed recipes for One dollar per recipe.

Mama Eryn CCs cookbooks are a not just a purchase of a cookbook but the opportunity to learn how to cook. Any questions you have I will be available to answer. Not just on social media but also I am available for a zoom call to literally show you step by step. You can show me where you go wrong. What could be better than learning how to cook by an actual chef. And after all that help you still can't figure out or don't like the recipe, I will exchange it. I am here to help you learn to cook the way you want. To the best of your ability.

Mama Eryn is here to help you be the chef you want to be. As I have stated there is serval ways to get ahold of me. I will list them, so you can find the one you are most comfortable with. I am on Facebook, Instagram and twitter as Mama Eryn CC. I have a Pinterest board and I have a business WhatsApp. I am available to answer most questions. Also, will research what I don't know.

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