How not to eat a pizza

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Ways to eat America's favorite Italian Food. Different ways to make pizza. Different topping combinations.

What's the best way to eat pizza. Well the true answer is any way. If you like thin crust, stuffed crust. Or deep dish, whatever your pizza preference. Pizza is known to many as a dish consisting of crust, topped with sauce, cheese and toppings. Let's talk about crust, most pizza crust is white in color, it comes in several different thicknesses. They are thin crust, thin crust is about 1/4 inch thick, it comes out crispy and not very doughy. This pizza is best for people who are calorie counting. Then there is hand tossed crust, this crust is soft and the bottom is crispy. Lastly there is deep dish, deep dish is where it is put into a thick pan and fill it with toppings. Let's explore this delicious American Italian dish.

“Do you like pizza? What kind? Pizza is delicious!! Let's discuss.”

Pizza in all it's variety. All it's crusts and toppings.

There are so many types of pizza. Let's first define what pizza is. A crust with sauce and a variety of cheeses and toppings. There is no wrong way to eat a pizza. There is a wrong way to order pizza though. Don't order a greasy under done pizza.

All crust is essentially made the same way. You start with activated yeast, flour, sugar, water, oil and salt. You then let it rise. This is where crust becomes different. For thin crust you roll the dough out very thin about a 1/4 of an inch. Then you top it with your favorite toppings. Then we can talk about hand tossed. This is the most common crust thickness. This crust is about 1/2 inch thick. Then you top it. This is the best crust to use stuffed crust. Stuffed crust is when there is a rim of cheese in the edge of the crust. The best cheese to use is string cheese, but in the stores today, you can find many varieties.

The beauty of deep dish pizza is really in the pan. You get at least a 3 inch thick pan, you put the dough in the bottom and up the sides. You put the toppings down, then the cheese. Top it off with sauce. All of these pizzas bake at different times, at different temps. But all of these pizzas have there good points and there bad points.

Let's discuss hand tossed pizza. This considered the most common pizza because it is sold in all pizza delivery stores. Some pizza places have thin crust, some have deep dish but all have hand tossed. Hand tossed pizza is just how it sounds, you toss the dough to stretch it. This causes the dough to be soft in the inside and crispy on the bottom. The first bad point though is, if you over top it the middle will be doughy. And once the middle is done the bottom can burn. There is a solution to this, cook it at two different temperatures. You have to turn the pan for even cooking. It's a pain but worth it in the end to make your supreme pizza.

Now let's talk thin crust. Just like hand tossed, most pizza places sell thin crust but if not done right, it tastes like a cracker with toppings. Even though the crust is thin, there should still be some fluff to the crust. Unlike hand tossed, the best thin crust is rolled with a rolling pin. This gives you the ability to have a crispy crust but also have some fluffy dough also. The problem with this dough is, it burns quickly. The best way to prevent this is to cook the pizza at a high temp very fast.

Then we have deep dish. Now before we get to deep dish let's talk about other pizzas. Most of the pizzas you're thinking are not the crust style but topping choices. Like for instance stuffed crust. You use hand tossed dough and stuff it with cheese sticks. Or Margherita pizza, where hand tossed is topped with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. Then there is plenty of different sauces you can use. But when it comes to crust there aren't many. Deep dish comes from Chicago and it takes pizza to a whole new level. The trick to deep dish though is the pan. It's all the same dough just used in different ways.

Everyone has a different idea on what a good pizza is. What it tastes like, how greasy it is. Does it have the right amount of cheese? Is the cheese stretchy enough. Then we find our perfect piece. This piece is different for everybody. Some people like there pizza a thin and crispy, not a lot of toppings. Just the right amount. Some people like there pizza with a little more dough. This way you can have lot's of toppings and stuff the crust. Also people like deep dish, a real fork and knife, sit down and eat pizza.

How not to eat a pizza, who would not want to eat a pizza. Yes there are could be adverse health side effects to eating a lot of pizza. But the key is moderation. If you are trying to lose or maintain your weight eat thin crust, with a nice salad. Not all pizza is bad for you but most is not great. Even different pizza is special to the person who favors it. How not to eat pizza, the best answer is with an attitude. It will ruin the experience.

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