Eating Habits

Updated: Feb 18

How did you eat as a child compared to how you eat as an adult. Did you love something as a child and now as an adult you can't stand it? Did you love sweets as a child and now can't even eat cake? As we grow older our tastes change. When you are a newborn you drink breastmilk or formula but once you taste other foods you don't want that any more. Your taste buds grew. Think about it like this, when your a child you might taste a mushroom and think it tastes like dirt but then as an adult one of your favorite flavors is truffle.

As a child we are scared to explore new flavors, It really started when we were babies. We come out eating breastmilk or formula, essentially tasteless. Then we grow to eat baby food, which is just blended vegetables without seasoning. Which is better than formula but barely. Then we start getting foods like dry cereal and puffed rice. As babies we don't get a choice in the matter. The only way we get our choices out is by crying, throwing a fit or being allergic.

Then as a child we get to experiment more. Our parents introduce the foods they like to eat. We get things like french fries and chicken nuggets. Or maybe your family is healthier and you have smoothies for breakfast. We still don't get to choose but we have more of a voice in what we can eat. We can say "no, I don't like that. " Still our taste buds are growing. We like what we like.

The beautiful thing about taste buds is they grow. They grow as we grow. When we are younger we might eat a meal that our parents like, for example brussels sprout. We think it's nasty, we think it's gross. Then we get older and we realize it's just baby cabbage and it could be delicious. Our taste buds are like us, ever changing and evolving. Before i went to culinary school i would have never eaten an oyster or even a mussel. That's because that's not what my parents like to eat but I found out i do. Explore, push your taste buds beyond what you thought you liked. You may find your taste buds have grown. Start small by getting something new when you go out to dinner. Have fun, new experiments, eat live love

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