Chicken: What's your favorite recipe?? Do you like it fried, baked, or stuffed??

Updated: Feb 23

There are so many ways to make chicken. There are different ways to use chicken. Let's talk about chicken.

Whether you like your chicken fried, baked, stuffed, or ground. There is one thing about chicken, it must be cooked all the way through, you can get called salmonella. When talking about the chicken the first thing you must talk about is the two different types of meat. Light, which consists of breasts, wings, and for some people the back. Then there is dark meat which is thighs, and legs. each meat is treated differently for example when frying, if you cooked a breast as long as a thigh it would be dry. There are so many different ways to cook chicken.

My favorite way is stuffed. On a personal note, I have a very beautiful relationship with chicken. I won a bronze medal for my stuffed chicken(see my youtube for the recipe). My meal was reminiscent of Thanksgiving dinner. I stuffed a chicken breast with dressing, I made a sweet potato souffle. I presented my table with white and gold. I called it a southern thanksgiving dinner. Now you can stuff a chicken with anything. You can also ground it up and use it for tacos. You can make chicken tenders by cutting the breasts into strips.

Chicken can be browned and cooked with water, called chicken fricassee. You can use it to make all kinds of meals. Chicken thighs are deboned and used for chicken sandwiches. On another note, what was it about those Popeye chicken sandwiches. I never understood. And yes I know because I can make my own. I probably didn't feel the big draw to eat one. But the truth is I wanted one. Then all the lines were around the building twice. And somebody died. My next thought was, nope not I. I have to much to live for. And now that the hoopla has died, when I am getting popeyes, I'd rather have the strips with the Mardi Gras mustard.

Chicken is a very versatile meat. It can be used in so many different dishes. If you are trying to eat healthier you can replace beef with chicken in many dishes. You use ground chicken to make chicken nuggets. You can use chicken in replace of pork if you don't want to eat pork. The next time you're eating your chicken, just remember to cook it all the way through. There is no such thing as medium rear chicken.

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