Beef, It's what's for dinner!!

When I think of beef, I think of a nice juicy steak, But it could be a burger. A taco, meatloaf. It could be ground, cubed. There are roasts and ribs. Almost anything can be considered beef. All beef isn't for dinner

In this series, we are going to talk about meat, the first one being beef. Beef is a cattle. It is usually red in color. And at its freshest, it should bloody. Now while some meats have to be cooked to 165(well Done) beef is not one of them. Beef can be cooked to a few different degrees. They are as follows, rare(125), medium rare(135), medium(145), medium well(155), and well done (165). The interior of the meat is colored based on the temperature you cook it too. Rare is browned a little around the edge but red in the center. Medium rare is brown on the outside, pink, then red in the center. Medium is brown on the outside, and pink on the inside. Then we have medium-well, which is brown on the outside, brown in the middle and pink in the very center. Lastly, we have well done. This meat is browned all the way through.

When it comes to beef recipes, there are millions. So instead I will explain to you how beef comes and is cooked. When I think of beef the first thing I think of is a steak. A steak can be many pieces of meat. A porterhouse, a ribeye. There are T-Bone and chateaubriand(steak for two). You also use beef for ground beef recipes, like hamburgers. You can buy a cubed steak or beef chunks. You can buy a roast or beef strips. You can cook it any way you want. We will explore beef in our meat series on youtube.


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