How I Became A Personal Chef

Hello, my name is Mama Eryn. I am a personal chef and caterer. I started in the kitchen when I was very young. The first time I held a knife, I was 6. I took over my family kitchen when I was nine. I still remember the first meal I ever made. It was underdone fried chicken, overdone white rice, and mushy vegetables. For a nine-year-old, I was so proud of that meal. I remember learning how to make spaghetti over the phone. My mom called from work and walked me through it step by step. Now, as a chef, I can reminisce on those early days. 

Thinking back on those days, the one thing I wished I had was guidance. There were a lot of burned meals I could have avoided. Now,  I went to culinary school because I wanted to make food my life. But food doesn't have to be your life, for you to learn how (and enjoy) to cook. Many people in this day and age don't know how to cook. At one time, it was a school subject, not anymore. And even though it's not taught anymore. It is still an essential skill.

As a society, we need to bring this skill back. We need to learn how to make bread and pasta. Fast food is not suitable for you, but if you made it from home, you could adjust. You would know there are no preservatives.

Mama Eryn CC is here to help. Let's discover a love of food, joy for cooking. From beginner to advanced, let's make new recipes and new memories. Even if you don't love or like cooking, you can learn a few fresh meals.

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